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The last thing you need is to find your vehicle’s window broken or items missing. The Miramar
Police Department suggests taking these simple, but important steps to maintain your car’s

* Don’t leave valuables in your car. That sounds like common sense, but drivers/passengers do leave items of value in plain view every day. If you leave valuable items visible in your car, your car is automatically a target.

* If you must leave valuable items in your car while out and about, place items out of sight before reaching your destination or move them inconspicuously.

* Once home, unload your valuables immediately. Do not store valuables in your car any longer than necessary, and certainly never overnight.

* Try to park in busy, well-lighted areas, or in your garage (if you have one).

* Raise your windows and lock ALL of your vehicle’s doors even if you plan to be gone for only a brief time. Every week, items are stolen from unlocked vehicles where the owner expected to be away for “just a second.” Thieves often target vehicles at gas stations or parents dropping their children off at daycare centers and schools.

* Set any alarm or anti-theft device. If you have one, use it! Many people believe that caralarms no longer make a difference, but they can be an effective deterrent to an auto burglar.

* Don’t think your dark tinted windows will hide your valuables. Thieves often use flashlights to see through tint, and after-market tint is handy to keep all the broken glass in one “sheet” when they break out your window.


As soon as you notice your vehicle has been burglarized, do not touch/adjust anything in, on or around the car. As soon as possible, call the police to report the incident.

If you see suspicious activity, call the police immediately.



April 17, 1981

Children discovered the skeletal remains of what is believed to be a white male, mid 20s to early 30s in age. The victim was approximately 5’7” tall and had an average build. He was found wearing a green shirt with printed flowers, green Levi corduroy pants and brown shoes. (Case #: 81-04-00865)



November 12, 1988

A fisherman discovered a body floating in the canal located ¼ mile south of Miramar Parkway and adjacent to SW 148 Avenue. The deceased, a male,was wearing size 8 Reebok high-tops, green pants and a turquoise shirt. (Case #: 90-10-02291)

Unidentified Remains (82-03-01932).JPG


March 31, 1982

A backhoe operator dug up a skeleton of a white male, estimated to be approximately 30 years old. The skeleton was dressed in Sears King of the Road 38” men’s pants. The victim’s hair appeared to be light brown or blonde in color. Two gold chains were found at the scene. (Case #: 82-03-01932)

Unidentified Remains (05-01-04968)


January 24, 2005

A resident walking in the area of the 6500 block of Pembroke Road noticed a deceased black female lying near numerous trash bags. The unidentified female is approximately 35-40 years of age, 5’4” tall and weighed 135 lbs. She has brown eyes and black hair. (Case #: 05-01-04968).

Teresia Laverne, Marie, Samantha and Sabrina Altidor

Teresia Laverne, Marie, Samantha and Sabrina Altidor were murdered on April 30, 1997. Theresa Laverne had traveled from Haiti to visit her daughter, 29-year-old Marie Altidor, and assist her with her newborn. Six-week-old Sabrina and Samantha, 2, were found murdered in the home along with their mother and grandmother. Classified as one of the most heinous crimes in Miramar history, three generations of this family were killed at a home located on the 8800 block of S Cresent Drive in Miramar. (Case #: 97-04-04520)
Raymond Edwin Adderly Jr. 2- Homicide Victim

Raymond Adderly Jr.

was murdered on December 14, 2010, at his home on the 2400 block of SW 83rd Avenue in Miramar, near Sherman Circle. The victim of a home invasion robbery, Raymond was murdered in front of his wife and three young sons. (Case #: 10-12-02837)

Yvonne McCalla White

Yvonne McCalla White was murdered on June 14, 2004. That evening, she attended church services and returned to her residence located at 8550 Sherman Circle North in Miramar. A single mom, Yvonne’s daughter tried repeatedly to contact her to no avail. As a result, her family and police responded to the residence and located her lifeless body inside. She was 37-years-old. (Case #: 04-06-03048)