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Police Unity Tour

In May 2014, members of the Miramar Police Department return to Washington D.C. in honor of law enforcement officers who were killed in the line of duty and to raise funds for the National Law Enforcement Officer’s Memorial and Museum. Your support is greatly appreciated. Donations are accepted online at the following: Unity Tour Donations

For further information or to learn how to become a sponsor please contact Italia Thurston at (954) 602-3823.



The last thing you need is to find your vehicle’s window broken or items missing. The Miramar
Police Department suggests taking these simple, but important steps to maintain your car’s

* Don’t leave valuables in your car. That sounds like common sense, but drivers/passengers do leave items of value in plain view every day. If you leave valuable items visible in your car, your car is automatically a target.

* If you must leave valuable items in your car while out and about, place items out of sight before reaching your destination or move them inconspicuously.

* Once home, unload your valuables immediately. Do not store valuables in your car any longer than necessary, and certainly never overnight.

* Try to park in busy, well-lighted areas, or in your garage (if you have one).

* Raise your windows and lock ALL of your vehicle’s doors even if you plan to be gone for only a brief time. Every week, items are stolen from unlocked vehicles where the owner expected to be away for “just a second.” Thieves often target vehicles at gas stations or parents dropping their children off at daycare centers and schools.

* Set any alarm or anti-theft device. If you have one, use it! Many people believe that caralarms no longer make a difference, but they can be an effective deterrent to an auto burglar.

* Don’t think your dark tinted windows will hide your valuables. Thieves often use flashlights to see through tint, and after-market tint is handy to keep all the broken glass in one “sheet” when they break out your window.


As soon as you notice your vehicle has been burglarized, do not touch/adjust anything in, on or around the car. As soon as possible, call the police to report the incident.

If you see suspicious activity, call the police immediately.



Justin Davy and Branden Betsy are wanted for an armed robbery and carjacking that took place in Miramar in July 2012. Anyone with information on their whereabouts is urged to contact Broward Crime Stoppers at (954) 493-TIPS. Case #: 12-07-05162.