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Sure Shot

Featuring the Photography of Jeffrey K. Lashley (JLash), this exhibit highlights the greatest talents of Hip Hop through the photography of JLash and provide historical context to the movement at large, as it spans from east coast to west coast.

Curated by Hampton Art Lovers.

November 8, 2023 to January 2, 2023.IMG_3499

Hispanic Heritage Month

Celebrating Cuban Art Expressions 

In Celebration of Hispanic Heritage Month, the Miramar Cultural Center in collaboration with Roselle Gallery presents the exhibition ¨Celebrating Cuban Art Expressions.¨ 

The exhibition brings together works by five contemporary Cuban artists, Alicia de la Campa Pak, Arturo Montoto, Esteban Machado Díaz, Miguel Ángel Couret and Sinecio Cuétara Menecia who explore various aspects of Cuban identity, culture and history through their paintings.

Roselle Gallery has selected works that reflect the diversity and richness of contemporary Cuban art, as well as its connection to the roots and traditions of an island that has left a permanent mark on South Florida.  The works of the great master Esteban Machado Díaz from his collection "Frida, a Caribbean dream" stand out in this exhibition, which pays tribute to the figure of Frida Kahlo through a philosophical language, where the landscape and figures blend two cultures with a longstanding cultural exchange. 

Celebrating Cuban Art Expressions is a unique opportunity to appreciate and immerse yourself in vibrant Cuban artistic expressions that portray the depth of the island's rich historical culture, which for decades was known as the "pearl of the Caribbean" and has long since ceased to show the world their spirit, optimism and artistic voice.


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In Celebration of Caribbean-American Heritage Month


Contemporary Art of the Caribbean Diaspora

Charo Oquet, Corrine Stevie, Dudley Alexis, Francisco Maso, Herve Sabin, Jaime Grant, Jessica Gispert, Mark Delmont, Nyugen Smith, Serge Toussaint, Sonia Baez-Hernandez, Warren Bailey, Yanira Collado

Vernacular Spectacular: Art of the Contemporary Caribbean Diaspora celebrates the aesthetics of Caribbean art and culture through a collection of works by artists across geographies and generations.  This exhibition seeks to explore the diverse range of artistic productions that are rooted and have evolved through shared histories of colonization, ecology, and resilience. Furthermore, the project chronicles events that bring together this unique region that holds within it an undefinable juxtaposition of bounty and disparity and the compactness of lands interplaying with a vast ocean expanse. The constant of a shared fluidity and sense of adaptability is often expressed through creative means that include, architecture, culinary arts, music, literature, fashion, and the visual arts. These are alchemic productions that defy any set of standard rules and disrupt the status quo.

Caribbean Heritage-800x800[9]

Women's History Exhibit: Phenomenal Woman

March 8 -  May 10, 2023

Artist Kandy G Lopez will visually explore what it means to be a phenomenal woman through her multi-media portraits. The exhibition will discuss power and vulnerability within the ever-changing landscape of the idea of gender.  

A free Fiber Arts Workshop with the artist will be presented on Saturday, April 1, 10:00 am – 12:30 pm.  The workshop will focus on identity and experimentation of materials using plastic canvas and thread to create portraits or other representation of identity.

Phenomenal Woman art exhibit
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Black History Exhibit -
From Embarrassment to Pride

January 11 - March 1, 2023

Artist Guylaine Conquet explores black hair history as it relates to her own experience and transition to natural.  Black people have been conditioned to think of their hair as a tiresome, time-consuming burden.  Many people don’t perceive black hair as a positive attribute and European hair textures are still seen as a standard of beauty.  The messages conveyed in her work are the pleasures of being naturally beautiful, being yourself, embracing your difference.   Information on The Crown Act is incorporated in this exhibition.

Embarrassment to Pride  Conquet Guylaine 2


featuring artwork by Teresa Cabello

September 15 - November 20, 2022

The artwork of Teresa Cabello is about fracture, blurriness, fade and breaking of the whole.  Nostalgia of what once was complete. Fragments struggling between reality and imagination.

Everybody lives a rupture.  Like many immigrants, she left behind her roots, her traditions, her loved ones, her belongings, to reinvent herself in a new landscape.  Memories and feelings, are now scattered pieces, coming randomly to her mind, uselessly trying to fit in this new reality.  She is broken.

 Teresa Cabello proposes fragments of human figures framed in an indeterminate space and time.  Not broken pieces or loose parts that seek to engage to complete a whole.  Each of them is presented as an individual and complete unit, as a short story in the anthology of her life.

Somehow, we are all broken so we need to do something new with the pieces. 

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Counter Valence

June 6 to August 7, 2022
MCC-Caribbean Heritage


Roots of Irma

May 18 to May 29, 2022

Photo artist Ryan Fitzroy focuses on unearthed roots which symbolize the uprooted lives of those affected by Hurricane Irma.

Roots of Irma Exhibition Image - Roots of Irma


Human/Nature - 
A Series of Soft Sculpture Portraits

March 14, 2022 - May 6, 2022

 Human/Nature displayed ten soft sculpture portraits by Amanda Madrigal that explore our delicate relationship with the earth that sustains us. Using materials sourced from her extensive collection of donated and found textiles, Amanda takes the audience through a lush landscape of installed pieces that Human_Nature_Exhibition_Image_-_20914___amanda_madrigal aim to evoke the same feelings of harmony and balance that are found only in nature.  A synthesis between human forms and those inspired by the natural world create moments of surrender by the figures that inhabit them.  Figures that express what it means to be fully present. Button up shirts, domestic objects, and various textiles are taken apart and put back together in ways that transcend into the metaphysical and describe the realization that we are all part of the same thread, that of the earth.

Manifested with alluring intricacy and an abundance of repurposed materials, Human/Nature comments on society’s current practice of over-consumption and calls for a more sustainable alternative. One that promises a future in which all living things thrive.

“Only through this process of repeatedly taking things apart and putting them back together a new, am I able to navigate the human experience in a way that makes sense to me.  Every stitch is a cathartic and tangible expression of my collaboration with life.

Through this process, I find peace.”


Purvis Young: Manchild in the Promised Land

Purvis Young Artwork 3 

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