Sewer Line Rehabiliation

The program will address priority areas which have the most infiltration and inflows as determined through visual observations and televising the collection system. Sanitary Sewer Evaluation Survey (SSES) are performed by staff, and recommendations for repairs are evaluated. This year, the project will continue in the areas which have high infiltration and inflows and/or lift stations operating below standards. Total wastewater flows to the treatment plant should be reduced through this aggressive infiltration and inflow control program, thereby reducing operational costs.

August 2019 - As of 8/6/2019 staff held the kick-Off meeting with the vendor and issue Notice to Proceed thereafter. Vendor has submitted a two weeks work schedule. Work to commence on 8/6/2019 per the vendor schedule. The most critical line segments will be addressed first in the selected basin areas.

July 2019 - As of 7/3/2019, PO has been issued to vendor for the FY19 project and staff has scheduled the Kick-Off meeting for Tuesday July 9th.

June 2019 - As of 6/6/2019 FY19 agenda item was approved by Commission on May 15,2019 and has begun the PO process. Staff has outlined the scope of work and Kick-Off meeting will be scheduled onced the PO is issued.

May 2019- As of 5/2/2019, FY19 agenda item has been scheduled for commission meeting on 5/15/19. Staff has identified the following basin(s) area for FY19: 0020, 00D,00G and 001.

April 2019 - As of 4/1/2019, staff continues to develop FY19 agenda item. Staff have identified Basin Areas 20 and D for FY19 project and will include basin area 001 as well to continue with the rehabilitation of line segments that were not included in FY18.

March 2019 - As of 2/20/2019, staff continues to develop FY19 agenda item to support the program in FY19. Staff will continue the program in basin 001 to line segments that were noted as less critical in FY18 based on the rating. Staff will prioritize the work to include othe basin areas that are identified as priorities. Staff would like to continue rehabbing Basin Area 001 as part of the FY19 project to address line segments that were surveyed in 2018 but were not include in the CIPP based on their ratings.

February 2019 - As of 2/5/2019, staff continues to prepare FY19 agenda item for Commission that will support the program in 2019.

January 2019 - As of 12/26/2018 staff has reveiwed the project binder with data associated with the annual and found no issues with the project binder submitted. FY18 project is complete. FY19 agenda item is still being prepared while staff continues to develop the plan for FY19 project areas.

December 2018 - As of 11/28/2018 contractor has submitted the project binder with data associated with the annual project; currently under review reviewing. FY18 total sewer mains rehabilitated 14,972 LF and total cleaned and inspected 31,729. FY 2019 agenda item is being prepared and staff continues to develop the plan to identify basin areas for FY19 project.

November 2018 - As 10/31/2018 a total of 14,972 LF of sewer mains have been rehabilitated and 28,510 LF have been surveyed for FY2018. Vendor to submit post videos for review within the next two weeks. Staff is developing the plan to identify basin areas that will be rehabilitated in FY19.

October 2018 - As of 10/1/2018, waiting on submittals from the vendor for both Phase I and Phase II. To date the vendor has completed 98% of Phase I and Phase II work. 14,617 LF sewer mains have been rehabilitated of the 14,972 LF allocated for this project. Staff has begun the planning process that will supprot the program in FY19