City of Miramar Skatepark

The City of Miramar's first Skatepark is coming to Miramar Regional Park in Spring 2021! Nestled in the park's Southwest corner, adjacent to the basketball courts, the cast-in-place, 3,200 sqft, concrete structure will be easily accessible from 172nd avenue. The Skatepark's expertly designed "flow" will allow up to 10 rollerbladers, skateboarders, or scooters to utilize the space simultaneously.

Skatepark features will include:

  • Small transition bowl pocket
  • Small transition quarter pipes and hips
  • Banks
  • Banked hip
  • Bank to ledge
  • Handrail (metal)
  • Downledge

Proposed Location

Proposed Skatepark Location

For more information, please call 954-883-6950.