Business Tax (Occupational Licenses)

Business Tax Receipts

Any person wishing to engage in or manage any business, profession, or occupation with the City of Miramar, including a home-based business, is required by ordinance to acquire a City Business Tax Receipt.

Special Notes

  • All Business Tax Receipts should be renewed on or before September 30th to avoid any additional fees.
  • Per Florida Statute 205, the name Occupational License has been changed to Business Tax Receipt.

Commercial Businesses

All commercial businesses must complete and be approved for a City of Miramar Certificate of Use before submittal of the Business Tax application.  Certificate of Use applications are available in the City of Miramar's Community and Economic Development, Building Division.

The business is responsible for making sure that these inspections are completed. Also, all new signs, exterior painting or any other exterior modifications that may be planned in conjunction with your business is required to receive approval of the city's Community Appearance Board for compliance with the city's Community Design Plan as adopted by Ordinance No. 98-25.
This approval process is in addition to building permit requirements. 

Business Tax Receipts