Victims Compensation

The Victim Compensation (VC) program provides assistance with economic losses incurred such as wage loss (for victims who missed work as a result of physical crime injuries, and parents who missed work to bring their minor child to medical treatment for physical injuries), disability (if a permanent impairment was suffered), or loss of support (for applicants of victims who were gainfully employed at the time of death); treatment costs such as medical, mental health or grief counseling (not covered by any other collateral source); and/or funeral/burial costs. 

The Domestic Violence (DV), Sexual Battery (RS), and Human Trafficking (HT) Relocation programs provide assistance with compensable housing expenses (limited to short-term interim shelter, rental agreements, or long-term leases) for victims who have been certified by a domestic violence or rape crisis center in the State of Florida. 

The Property Loss (PL) program provides financial assistance to adults over the age of 60 or disabled who suffered the loss of personal tangible property which adversely affects their daily quality of life. 

The Sexual Battery Forensic Examination (SB) program reimburses providers for costs associated with the collection of forensic evidence following a sexual battery or lewd or lascivious battery or molestation. 

The Emergency Responder Death Benefit (ER) program offers death benefits to the surviving spouse, children, parents or guardian, or siblings of a deceased emergency medical technician, paramedic, firefighter, or law enforcement officer who is killed answering a call for service in the line of duty.

Please contact Victim Services at 954-602-4295 if you need assistance with completing the Victim Compensation form.