Additional Information

A block map is included in your packet. This is a version of a telephone tree which has worked in several communities; however, you (your community) will determine what works best for you. Email addresses are great as they are extremely efficient, but so are telephone numbers!

Police Support
The police department cannot do the Neighborhood Watch program for you, but they will support your efforts:
  • Home Security Surveys are performed, looking for vulnerable spots in the home and suggestions are made as to how to improve the security of your home. The information is kept confidential.
  • Neighborhood Watch Signs – The Miramar Police Department offers Neighborhood Watch Signs to communities at no charge; however, we ask that you meet at least three times in order to receive these signs. If you would like to purchase these signs on your own, you may visit the National Neighborhood Watch Institute for more information.
  • Operation ID – An engraving tool is also available to residents interested in engraving their property with an identifying number, such as a telephone number.