Police Officer

Hiring Process

All applicants applying for the police officer position are required to complete two applications (the online application and the Personal History Questionnaire). The applicant also has the option of downloading the Police Employment Information Packet to learn about the requirements of the position.

Prior to submitting the online application, applicants must complete CJBAT, Physical Agility and Swim tests at the Institute of Public Safety Criminal Justice Institute located at Broward College Central Campus in Davie, Florida. Applicants can also access information on the school's website. The applicant’s scores will determine his/her placement on the Civil Service Register. Therefore, prior to submitting an application, all applicants must complete the physical agility, and CJBAT test. 

Behavioral Personnel Assessment Device (BPAD)

The next step in the process is the BPAD test. This test is scheduled by the police personnel and recruitment office after an application has been approved. Only those applicants meeting the criteria are requested to complete and forward the PHQ within 5 days to Police Headquarters at 11765 City Hall Promenade, Miramar, FL 33025, to participate in the BPAD test. The BPAD test involves interactive role play, which is videotaped for scoring at a later date by qualified evaluators. Upon completion of the BPAD test, applicants will be notified within eight weeks with their results via email. Applicants with a passing score will be placed on the eligibility list based on their CJBAT score. Those without a passing score will be disqualified from the process and eligible to reapply after one year.

The next step in the hiring process is the backgrounds phase. During the background phase, the applicant’s personal information and physical/mental health is evaluated. The test includes a computerized voice stress analysis (CVSA), psychological test, drug screen, and physical examination. Once the background investigation is completed, the file is submitted to personnel command staff for review. Upon successful completion of the backgrounds investigation and file review, the applicant is scheduled for a final interview with the Chief of Police.


Non-certified police officers hired by the Miramar Police Department are sent to the police academy for a period of six month (a comprehensive course lasting approximately 760 hours). The training is free and officers are paid their full starting salary during training. Upon successful completion and graduation from the police academy the candidate will then be required to pass the State Certification exam. This usually takes place the week after graduation. After graduation the new officers will report for their Field Training Officer (FTO) Program. For the next four months, the new officer will be assigned to an experienced officer trained as a Field Training Officer. This is a process that is designed to gradually build a new officer’s skills to the point that they can perform their job functions without assistance.

Certified police officers spend approximately 4 months in the Field Training Officer’s Program.