Community Service Aide

The community service aide position is responsible for public safety work in various districts, or specialized sections of the Miramar Police Department. An employee in this classification performs a variety of duties in support of certified law enforcement personnel including preliminary non-violent investigations, investigations of automobile accidents, minor crime scene processing of crimes against property and other routine, non-emergency, law enforcement activities. Employee performs various community service functions in order to allow certified law enforcement personnel to handle higher priority incidents and to provide a more efficient and effective response to calls for service.

Hiring Process

The community service aide position is Civil Service/Union position. All applicants applying for the community service aide position are required to complete the online application and take the practical and written examinations. Applicants with an overall average passing score of 70 percent or more will be placed on the eligibility list. Those without a passing score will be disqualified from the process and eligible to reapply after 1 year. After the register has been created, the individual who has placed number 1 is requested to complete and forward the Personal History Questionnaire to police headquarters at:
11765 City Hall Promenade
Miramar, FL 33025.


The Community Service Aide Academy (also known as Police Service Aide) is a 206 hour course that is divided into 3 components: Police Service Aide (110 hours), Traffic Crash Investigations (80 hours), and Parking Enforcement (16 hours). The content and training includes, but is not limited to, constitutional and criminal law, crash investigation, first responder techniques, traffic control, trial procedures and testimony, and police community relations. Through this training you become certified first responders, traffic crash investigators, and parking enforcement specialists. After successfully completing the academy, a community service aide employee enters into a Field Training Program lasting approximately 2 months. This is an in-house program where the employee learns and demonstrates the appropriate use of state statutes and municipal codes, radio communications, proficiency in first responder techniques, displays interviewing techniques, investigates and determines liability in traffic crash investigations, and other various skills and abilities. Upon successful completion of the Field Training Program the community service aide is assigned a shift position.