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 2019 Spring Break Camp


Registration begins January 2019

 2019 Little Broadway Summer Camp

Little Broadway

Notes from Parents

The show was amazing!  The children did an awesome  job!  Thank you to you and your team for all your hard work and dedication.
Suzanne – Sophia’s mom
Oh my that production still has me in Awe! I did not expect it to be that over the top. It was amazing and pleased me to see Danicah's growth.  I know she said she wants to try hard next year for a speaking role !  Looking forward to seeing you all next summer and I am also going to look into the community theater you all were speaking of.  

Lori – Danicah’s mom

Thanks again Garth had so much fun and learned a lot; he was an awesome dragon (every role is important right! 😂) The program was so classy and the kids did great and all the staff especially you are just awesome! 

Carla  – Garth’s mom

Thank you both and your team for such a well executed, educational, loving, and fun summer camp experience for my daughter, Mikayla. The exposure to the arts in such a dynamic way solidified her love for the arts and a continued desire to perform. The show was beautiful! Thank you! Wishing you Goodness on your path. 

Latasha – Mikayla’s mom

 The show was awesome! I thought last year was great, and I think this year was even better! I can't wait until next year! This truly is the best summer camp in Broward County. Thank you and your staff.

Sincerely Proud Parents,
Ernest and Latora 

I would like to thank you for such an amazing summer camp.  
My name is Frinette and I'm the mother of 2 children, they both participated for the first time in the summer camp.  It was a great experience and the girls loved going to the camp everyday.  As a Miramar resident for the past 5 years, I struggled looking for a good summer camp in our area, a place where my daughters can grow as an individual, built their confidence, learn new things and have fun.  I was able to find all of this in Little Broadway summer camp. 
I would love to have the girls join once again next year, they even asked me to sign them up for next summer :).  Please send me any information you have for next year camp.